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Table of entries pre end Jan 2018

Surname First name A little about your experience as a sailor Entry Date
Hoehne Darren No prior experience on sailboats. Worked onboard a cruise ship and well versed in ropes and knots. Keen to start keelboat crew course and progress to skipper in order to sail my own boat. 2/19/2017 2:35
Taylor Maria It’s been about 6 years since I last sailed. Used to do some twilight sails and Sunday sails in Sydney.
Worked on cruise ships. Need to get back on the boat to refresh. Completed YA Competent Crew Course
First Aid and CPR; St Johns Ambulance Boat Licenc   Crowd Management Training; STCW-95
Safety Course to Assist Passengers in Emergency Situations; STCW-95
Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats; STCW-95
2/19/2017 2:47
Oldman Erin WAGS & SAGS. Have been on number of size yachts. Little bit if racing experience. casual sailin, night watch etc 4/29/2017 6:48
Nikitin Stan I have 15 years experience in sailing ( long and short distance races ) on 35 feet sail boat. 6/4/2017 2:16
Edwards Brad Fit 26 year old i have no experince sailing how ever have basic sea and boat skills i have been a marine mechanic on sail and power boats from 18 to 70ft for the last 10 years looking to pull ropes or general deck hand 6/17/2017 2:33
HEW JANINE Hi I love sailing and being out on our beautiful Moreton Bay.
Have done about ten years of club racing, and a few ocean passages. +20000 nm logged
Have RYA Yachtmaster and Radio Licence.
7/27/2017 6:26
Woodward Sharyn I have experience as a racing hand for the Botany Bay yacht club from 2008-2011. I raced twilights on Missconception for the duration, winning our handicap most years. I can’t say I was a useful deckhand however I do know my way around a boat and am aware of the jargon. 8/18/2017 10:54
Wing Colleen I have been sailing socially for around 5 years . Have participated as crew for 2 years in Magnetic Island Race Week and volunteered on Start boats for several more with both the Townsville Cruising Yacht club and Townsville Sailing club.
Looking to gain more experience and have fun along the way
8/22/2017 0:00
Brant Kevin No previous experience. Keen to start learning, 36 years old, physically fit and enthusiastic. I am available every other week, Monday to Friday all day. 9/7/2017 1:22
Lovett Dale Dingy racing many years ago. Recently aquired RYA Day Skipper. Bareboat charters. Many years with a power boat. Just love being out on the water. 10/20/2017 10:07
Lisa Dunn I am a beginner. I’ve been out twice for day trips and both captain’s have shown me some things but I am still keen to learn more. Have considered taking a sailing lesson. And I watch a lot of docos and also read. I wish to live on a sail boat, hopefully one I can manage solo. I guess the logistics of that will be revealed in time. I have had approximately 5 powered boats but have been lured to sail for the freedom/not relying on fuel stops. It is also a frontier I haven’t crossed yet. I currently hold a boat licence. My dream is to circumnavigate. 1/7/2018 18:21
Cappel Steve I learned to sail as a young teen while in the Boy Scout, in the United States, in little Sunfish sailboats. I owned a Hobie18 catamaran in my thirties, but sadly only took her out sailing twice as I lived in Colorado and it can be inconvenient to make the trip to water big enough to sail in. At this point I would say I have little recent sailing experience and none yet here in Australia. But I’m quite eager to change that. 1/14/2018 2:28
Lineham Tony I have no experience in sailing. I would like to crew to learn. 2/9/2018

Entries Feb 2018 onwards follow

SurnameFirst nameA little about your experience as a sailor



I have no experience in sailing. I would like to crew to learn.


My name is Penny and I am looking to sail on a casual basis on week ends. My aim is to take a year off from December and go sailing full time, mostly crewing for yacht deliveries. I have sailed on and off for a number of years and recent events have made me realise that life is too short and that it is important to do what you love. I am a mature, young at heart lady looking to sail. I did sail full time for 5 years as a paid job and sailed across the Indian, Atlantic oceans on yacht deliveries and did a couple of summers in Turkey/Med on 50-60 ft private yachts. So if you are looking for that extra crew I would be grateful for a call. I live on the Gold Coast so you will have to give me some notice. I have done a fair bit of racing but no bowman work please, I leave that to the young ones. Look forward to hearing from you.


I own a yacht at the club and am keen to gain more experience sailing and to help out. My last boat was a 7.5 plate boat sold to take up sailing. I have been on the water since I was a kid. I have held a boat licence for around 30years. My last yacht was an Clipper 14.


Little experience twilight sail and Sunday races Drummoyne sailing club. Plenty of power boating but newish to sailing. Own my own trailer sailer but want to get more experience. I am available most Sundays depending on circumstances due to young family.


Some experience on small dinghies and Hobie cats, both as a child and in adulthood. Limited experience crewing larger vessels.


I'm a newbie sailor - was fascinated by sea since an early age but never got the opportunity until I was an adult. Never sailed before, then I bought a Hobie 14 off gumtree on a whim, watched a couple of Youtube sailing lessons, figured out how to set her up and plonk her in the water and the rest is history. Through many capsizes, bumps, bruises and "oh dear god" moments I think I got the basics figured out now. I do group lessons on Elliott 6 at RQYS to learn more. I sail my Hobie 14 around Moreton bay and where I can trailer her (Wivenhoe dam, Gold Coast). A couple of times I even loaded up my camping gear in dry bags, strapped them on the trampoline and sailed off to Moreton Island for some "campeggio nautico". She has beautiful pink sails, is very girly, nippy and suits me well. I'll be ready for an upgrade soon.